One of the two most critical areas of potential political reform is single representative constituencies. This system drives people out of the political process by making them feel like their vote doesn’t matter. If a constituency is something like 60% one way, 30% another, and 10% another, why even show up? Multi representative constituencies solve this problem very effectively.

In a multi representative constituency you only need to be in the top 3/4/5 to be elected. If one person has the support of a large majority of voters it doesn’t matter because there are other slots. If you have 60% of the vote and 5 positions, you get 3 reps. But other people can still have reps. In a single rep constituency where you have 60% of the vote, another party has 30% and another party has 10%, you can drop to 45% of the vote and as long as the 10% party is gaining some of that vote share you still win. In a multi rep constituency if you drop from 60 to 45 you drop from 3 to 2 reps. Similarly, running up the majority allows a party to increase its representation. You cannot really gerrymander multi rep constituencies.

Multi rep constituencies are also corrosive to first past the post or plurality voting systems by default. And they encourage an increase in the number of parties as well. They even allow new parties to easily access the space. You aren’t going to split the vote because the vote already gets split.

The basic multi rep constituency would work best with something like ranked choice or favoribility voting. Once you hit the threshhold percentage your remaining votes would be spread to their second choice or under a points system you could simply tally up the points each candidate got. The top X scorers would get the seats.

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