Many groups on the, at least self described, left have been touting their membership figures this year. They have been playing a game of lies, damned lies, and statistics. Yes, your organization went from 10000 to 30000. But the proper way to phrase that isn’t 300% GROWTH!!!!!!!! Its that you now have 1/100 of 1% of population, and twice as large a percent of the voters, on your side. That’s not nothing, but its pretty close.

Due to the fractured and partisan nature of politics today you aren’t going to build your own organization, starting from that scale, into something nationally significant. Or even state wide significant depending on the state. What you need to do is organize with other small home brewed groups. Let’s pick an example. The DSA. The DSA recently had a convention, it got little coverage. Not because the media is biased against it, though it is, but because it was insignificant. At least in the sense of national media coverage. But its okay. There is hope.

What should the DSA do to increase their significance rapidly? Federate. Unions are a great example. The AFL-CIO once wielded great power, especially compared to its constituent unions. There are plenty of groups out there for the DSA to federate with. The Green Party, the Working Families party, the various socialist and communist parties. With proper organization these groups can focus on their similarities and put aside their differences. They can work together on things like money in politics that they all hate, they can make a large push for voting and election reform and further collaborate on the single issue groups focused around this issue. They can even work with groups like the Libertarians.

The next question is HOW to organize this federation. The answer in the modern age is clear. It can be done online. Its cheap, its relatively easy to put infrastructure in place, and you can coordinate across the nation as well as the political spectrum. Online and open source discussion boards and websites with a little of the most useful features of various social media sites thrown in is not beyond the reach of even medium or small interest groups. Furthermore these structures can support whatever level of structural vs social connectivity is desired by each individual group. As I discussed in my previous post, the level of customization is mostly without limit.

Now we reach the point where I explain the title of the post. 20 million votes. That is a threshold of political significant. That gives you approximately 14% of the electorate. That’s enough to make major parties take notice. To give you credibility and a chance to run a referendum election to enact voting reform. 20 million well organized and committed voters, and ideally volunteers, is enough to win.

With a properly structured online organizing hub which respect constituent group autonomy, you can fight the media, and the money, and the monopoly, and win. Once you have that many voters you gain so many potential options unavailable to tiny groups. In subsequent posts I’ll explain some of the actions you can perform if you can get even half your supporters to get involved in an event. Technology opens so many doors. You can put out a message that the media, as a capitalist entity desiring engagement from consumers, can’t ignore.

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