One of the most valuable tools for holding politicians accountable is to give them what they say they want. Many, many Democrats and donors are saying one thing and doing another. This happens on so many topics like Dreamers, healthcare, wages, unions, etc. In the second phase of creating viable third and minor parties when a federation of groups has built up enough support they can begin to promise to get campaign promises fulfilled in exchange for policy compromises and support for things like election reform. Its very easy to make promises and ignore them when no one is holding you accountable.

Once there is another option you either have to make fewer promises to win easy votes or you have to make deals for things you don’t like in order to show supporters you are committed to their issues. This is the primary fear of Democrats and why they hate the idea of more open democracy. Competition in the political marketplace is a direct and massive threat to their power.

The power of political authenticity truly comes into its own when mainline parties must compete with effective opponents. Sanders could be lauded for his authenticity by Democrats as long as he was limited by their ability to point to his idealist but impractical goals. Joy Ann Reid herself once referred to Sanders as the great clarion voice in the Democratic party. That was before he was in a position to actually achieve anything. Then the knives came out.

However, this strategy cannot be deployed until the non-mainline parties position themselves to be an actual help or hindrance. As long as disunity and infighting reign there is no power here. These parties and groups need to get together and demonstrate their competence and potential right now or else be dismissed as self-important egotistical do nothings who deploy rhetoric to get sympathy and influence and feel self-important without achieving actual change.

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